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This Is our Very Own Privacy Policy Statement Page.

With Us, Your Online Info Is Safe.

Never in a hundred years , We would of thought that you any one would be stopping by to check the privacy policy page about a residential remodeling company website.
Will then…Since you really are here, we want to say Thank you We Appreciate you been here and hope to be of service. We will start by letting you know that we respect your online privacy and we will do everything we can to keep it safe. We are not on the business of selling names,emails and phone numbers, Weonly sell high quality home remodeling services and are proud to say that we are one of the best remodeling companies here in the twin cities of saint paul,MN. And Minneapolis,MN.
So please relax now that you know that we will wont sell, rent or share your personal info. We will share your info with our business partners please be advised of that. if you opposed to that DO NOT submit any personal information trough our website. By doing so you agree to our terms of service stated here on this privacy policy page
please also be advised that there will be outbound links on our website that when you click on them you will then be taken to other websites, So make sure to check their privacy policy statement page because theirs most likely will be different than ours. Your online privacy is very important to us, and we will protect it as much as we can. We want to build a lifetime lasting relationship based on privacy and trust.
From time to time we Cities Remodeling Inc. Will use your contact information to ask you to review our services and work performance to better serve our customers.
Thank You

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